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Do you have difficulty leaving work, or do you have small children at home? Busy schedules, lack of transportation, and traveling from work are examples of barriers people face in making appointments for mental health services.

Wisconsin Online Counseling (WIOC), a division of Behavioral Health Clinic, is now offering our new premier service, online counseling. Online counseling is where you will access a “virtual office” with a simple click of a button on your web-connected device such as any computer or tablet and meet with your counselor using video conferencing.

You and your counselor will be able to see and hear each other, but unlike other online systems like Skype, the connection is completely secure and HIPAA compliant to protect your privacy so that you feel free to get the most out your online counseling experience. 

Online counseling services offer the flexibility for individuals who may have difficulty traveling to an office due to physical limitations, travel limitations, work schedules, and childcare arrangements.


Online Counseling is covered by many insurance companies. Please call our friendly office staff to inquire on what your insurance might cover.

Online counseling may be an eligible service for reimbursement in your flexible health spending account, reach out to your HR to find out your benefits.


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